Beginner Guide to Coffee

So, you’re new to coffee.

You want to learn how to make a great pot of coffee at home, but aren’t sure where to start. You’ve tried your hand by picking and choosing what’s available at the local store, only to experience coffee that’s too sweet or too bitter. Now you’re ready to move on and experience a fresh, clean, well roasted cup of coffee. But you need to know where to begin. Great coffee begins with the beans. Most commercial coffee comes from two types of beans; Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are mild, fine and aromatic. Because of this, they are more expensive to cultivate. About 70% of the world’s coffee comes from these beans. Robusta beans are found in some coffee blends. They are less costly to cultivate and represent about 30% of the world’s coffee beans.

The journey or origin of coffee beans can come from a Fair Trade Cooperative in Honduras, from the rich volcanic soil of El Salvador or a multitude of other countries around the world. The coffee bean which is actually a seed takes 3-4 years to develop. The ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand or machine and processed depending on the growing area. Dried, then milled, the greens beans are exported to be roasted. Our green beans are carefully chosen and all are roasted onsite at Coroco. We take time to create our roasting profiles and roast small batches regularly so your coffee beans are fresh. Roasting transforms green beans into the fragrant beans we brew.

When starting out with coffee, it’s often a good idea to begin with a lighter roast. Light roasts tend to offer amazing flavors and be very aromatic. They are not bitter and offer a bright, balanced taste. While less bold than dark roast, they don’t need the addition of cream or sugar. They also boast slightly more caffeine than dark roasts, giving you the boost you seek. With light roast, you will definitely taste the quality of the beans.  We offer a variety of lighter roasts including our Ambler™ Ethiopia Natural Guji, which features natural process heirloom coffee varieties. Soft and balanced, it offers fruity and floral notes with cherry, berry, red grape and sugar cane juice flavors and a smooth mouthfeel. Our Propeller™ Business Class blend is clean and balanced and our Interlude™ Presto blend brings a light airy roast that offers nutty milk chocolate flavors.

Coffee basics are simple; begin with fresh beans, lightly roasted, traditionally brewed. You’ll have a great start to a long relationship with coffee.