10 Things About Our Team

  1. Our owner’s first job was in a diner, slinging hash and pouring coffee.
  2. Baristas are like bartenders at Modbars and our favorite barista has been both.
  3. A former distiller and also one of our roasters helped create Cask’d blending the two worlds of wine, spirits and coffee.
  4. Not only is our company owned by a woman, but she roasts too!
  5. We like sports of our sorts, our team has a black belt martial artist, a soccer player and a state champion discus thrower.
  6. Our roasters believe roasting to their favorite music enhances the profiles. They believe that country music makes Cask’d Bourbon sweeter and more full-bodied. Meanwhile, the classically trained violinist treats us to her favorite chamber music to inspire our Interlude™ blend, and everyone likes doing clean up to Michael Jackson hits. 
  7. The inspiration behind the graphics of Diner™ and Flavor Girl™ was our owner.
  8. The psychology of roasting is part of what we do, figuring out what people want from their coffees. Lucky for us we have a psychology major on staff.
  9. One of our favorite quotes is by Piro, “Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.” Check us out, we’ve got coffee!
  10. Our Minister of Roast earned his title by marrying various beans together in smooth, rich blends and by perfecting roasting profiles.