Meet Caitlynn!

Introducing Caitlynn, your local Sycamore barista, looking to make friendships as warm and exciting as her coffee drinks! Caitlynn has been a resident of Sycamore for around 7 years and loves everything about her community. 

Caitlynn picks up a hobby like a fresh croissant, savoring it for about ten minutes before moving onto the next delicious bite! She loves to find creative ways to be “a little good” at a lot of things. While pursuing her music career, she briefly played the harp for six months and mastered one Coldplay song and a few Irish jigs.  

Caitlynn has two small children who, as she describes, “never stop running but are super cool” and has been married to her college sweetheart (superstar musician, in her opinion), for almost ten years!

When Caitlynn isn’t perfecting her latte art, she enjoys cooking and baking for friends while watching Love Island. Be sure to stop by for a chat to get to know our new addition to the team!