Let’s talk coffee grind size!

Being part of my coffee friends’ and fans’ coffee journey is one of the best parts of my career. I like to think that at COROCO we make specialty coffee accessible for everyone. So when a customer called with a question about their coffee tasting unflavorful at home, I was excited to have that conversation and help them achieve the desired results. In this case, it was a fun “show & tell” of how finely coffee needs to be ground for drip preparation.

I hadn’t had the chance to play with my set of Kruve sifters in a while, so it was the perfect time to check my customer’s grind size from home and train one of my baristas on their use. Kruve sifters provide precise measurements to dial in grind size for any preparation, down to the micron. As I mentioned in the post about grinders, too coarse of a grind will taste flavorless and sour, too fine will be bitter (and probably clog up your machine). Kruve sifters take it a step further to allow for exact measurement to dial in your grind. 

As some of you may have guessed by now, the grind size from the customer’s home grinder was too coarse. I sent her home with one bag of freshly ground coffee from our calibrated Malkonig EK43, and an additional bag of whole beans to try to match that consistency. 

Next to quality beans and good water, dialing in that grind gets you that balanced cup.