Diner Coffee Backstory

Hi Friends! 

We thought that it would be fun to share a little of the backstory to some of our coffee brands, since we don’t always get a chance to visit with each other these days. First up, is Ryan and Karen’s homage to the “greasy spoon” where they met and fell in love — Diner Coffee ™.

Like all small towns, our hometown of Sycamore, IL, had Kingsway Family Restaurant (now Parkway) with a coffee counter. The regulars came in at their set times and sat in “their” seats, both morning and evening, for coffee. We all knew each other by name, and customers really could order “the usual.” The coffee at our diner was very popular, because it was always super fresh, hot and reliable. That good old Bunn-O-Matic made amazing coffee! 

Specialty coffee can be a lot like learning to appreciate fine wine, with subtle nuance, flavors, and textures. While we love all the vibrant single origin microlot coffee options we offer for their uniqueness, we knew that many people really just wanted their coffee to taste like, well, coffee. So we set out to find specialty coffee that had those characteristics reminiscent of everyone’s favorite hometown breakfast place. Diner Coffee™ is more than just a flavor profile to us  — it’s a feeling. Taste and especially aroma can really bring back memories, so when we get nostalgic about the old days, we know that we can brew up some Best Coffee in Town (med roast), I’ll Have the Usual (dark roast), or Blue Plate Special (light roast) for a trip down memory lane. Our Diner Coffee™ has been so popular, we are offering it now in SUPREME size to keep all our friends and fans fully “leaded,” as our regulars would always say.